Molly’s Flower  This rare beautiful plant is found only in the most remote places of Antarctica. Because this flower can survive in the harshest of conditions, little is known about its unique effects. The reason why this flower is so special and has come to be true to its name is because its effect on the human mind is similar to those of the drug MDMA aka Molly. It has a tiny blue-green stem with these amazingly long white, pink and red petals. When fully bloomed this flower usually has a diameter of 6 inches with a stem of about only 2 centimeters. The petals of the flower have been known to harden into ice under the extreme Antarctic conditions. 

The DiscoveryEdit

The scientist who discovered this plant noticed that even after an extensive period of time out of the cold weather, the petals did not melt. This was due to the fact that the flower only blooms on the outside of decomposed wood. He decided to collect a large sample of these unique flowers and bring them back home to the states with him to study. His son, who was a rehabilitating drug addict, asked his father if he could have some. Since nothing was known of its effects at the time, the scientist gave him one.  The son decided to try his own experiment and cracked the petals into a crystalline form and then to a powder form. When inhaled, he immediately felt a sense of euphoria, and a mania-like experience. He compared it to that of ecstasy and that his how this flower got its name. 

The EndingEdit

Since no one lives in Anarctica and the son quickly overdosed on his newfound “drug” it has never had any formal reports of findings. All the other flowers died too soon before the scientist could collect any conclusive evidence, and he was too busy mourning his son to care.