Molten Lava Dragon

Female Molten Lava Dragon

A molten lava dragon, also known as glowing lava dragon, is a creature with serpentine or reptilian traits. These dragons population is extremely low and are exceptionally rare to be seen. They are said to exist during the Middle Ages around the 6th century A.D. Mostly found and inhabited in the depths of volcanoes all around the world.

Findings of recent fossils have showed that these creatures are most common in the volcano located in Hawaii which is now called the Kilauea Volcano. Many draconologists reported that there are countless molten lava dragons residing in other volcanoes as well and may still be there today. They are known to feast on volcano’s lava as a daily drink to replenish energy. Volcanoes lava is like nutrition which strengthens their body structures and is essential for survival. Lava makes up about 70% of their body and they can only live for approximately 3 days without it.

The male molten lava dragon is a huge and dominant creature that looks like a red long serpent, with ruby sharp eyes, two short arms and legs, two wings attached to their backs, and a long flaming tail. An average male’s weight is approximately 18-20 tons. The female molten lava dragon is about one-third smaller in size and has pinkish body structure, gold oval eyes, two long horns and legs, two long arms with wings attached, and a tail with a fire tip. An average female’s weight is approximately 12-14 tons.

Every day the males hunt and gather foods for the family while the females protect the home from invading hunters. They are hunted because their pair of eyes is worth thousands of dollars and their wings are said to give immortal life to whoever eats it. However, none has ever slain one before to tell the tales.

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