Monk is a mutant from the X-Men comics. Monk dropped down into Tibetan ravine as a baby where he was picked up by a group of warrior monks. Taken to the peak of the Himalayas, Monk was raised by the Shinsan. The Shinsan taught the principles of the Rokushki, which developed the use of the entire body to peak human levels. However, at the age of five Monk showed mastery of the Rokushki on par with a Shinsan master. By age 7, he was the temple's grandmaster and displayed powers beyond non-mutant capabilities.

At the age of nine, Monk was visited by James "Logan" Howlett (aka Wolverine), who was astounded to find a boy who could regenerate like himself. While Monk lacked the power to actually generate new matter at will as Wolverine could, he was able to shift his cells as needed, allowing himself to heal wounds as long as he had the cells to do so. While the traditional Rokushki offers users complete control over their bodies, Monk is able to move and stimulate each cell at will.

Monk is one of the few Omega class mutants, as his powers are only limited by the size of his body and his creativity. It is theorized that, if attempted, he could fuse his consciousness with other living beings by using his own living matter. In battles, Monk has used his power to control his body in multiple ways, including using his blood vessels as whips, spitting stomach acid, and using his teeth as drills. He also takes advantage of his two meter long hair to attack and grab opponents. He first used this tactic on Wolverine after he claimed, "Logan, I can take you down with both of my hands and feet tied behind my back."

Monk has also made use of his nimble body in other ways, such as creating wings out of his own skin and surviving underwater by breaking apart the oxygen in the water molecules in his body. He also uses this ability to shift the weight distribution in his body during movement, giving him unnatural speed and strength. This allows him to put more weight behind his strikes and heighten his momentum while running.

Being able to use all of his cells to the fullest, Monk also possesses an intellect able to match any mutants, although he is not able to utilize psionic powers such as telepathy and telekinesis like Franklin Richards, Professor Xavier, or James Jaspers.

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