Monkey D. Luffy is a pirate born in the east indes sea in 1700. He is known as one of the most dangerous pirates in the world and is considered one of the top rookies with the highest bounty in the New World. Luffy is most famous for his Straw Hat and his pirate crew who accompany him on his missions to find the missing one piece and his father. 


Monkey D. Luffy was born to Monkey D. Garp in 1700. Monkey D. Garp, at the time, was known as a pirate warlord and one of the strongest people in the New World. Luffy grew up with his brother Ace on a small island before setting off to sea. 


Luffy gained fame when he accedentally ate the mystical gum gum fruit which gave his body the power to bend like rubber. The weakness in eating any of these powerful is that the users cannot swim. At a young age, Luffy defeated several war lords and assembeled a small crew, which gave him negative attention from the Navy fleet. Luffy had successf early on because of his crew as mentioned earlier. His crew consists of Zoro, a master swordsman. Chopper, a squirrel who can heal and transform into a monster. Nami, a master naviagtor and Usopp, a master shooter. 

Recently in 2014, Luffy has faced steep competition from other pirate rookies including Davey Jones who is the only pirate to have two mystical fruit power abilities; one that can steal powers from other individuals and should be avoided. 

- Chihiro Makino