Monkey King on film.

The Monkey King otherwise known as Sun Wukong in Chinese or Te Thien Dai Thanh in Vietnamese is a mischievous and curious human-like monkey. The Monkey King is most recognized with a crown, a gourd at his side and a long staff.


There was a mystical land with all of it’s inhabitants as monkeys. The land was ruled by a being called the Monkey King.

The Monkey King has a very tricky, mischievous, curious character. He is not afraid of anything or anybody.  He hears that if you eat the peach in the Heavens you will live a very long life. Out of curiosity he decides to travel up to the heavens. Once he found the peach tree he uses his mighty strength and shook the big  tree.  All the peaches on the tree falls down. One after another the Monkey King eats the peaches and throws the seeds all over and wrecks Heaven’s beautiful garden.  The Heaven’s guards cannot stop him nor catch him because he is too quick and witty. So, Buddha tricked him by making a bet; if the monkey could escape from Buddha’s palm he will grant him anything he wanted.

Without hesitation the monkey took the challenge. He excitedly and greedily jumps into the Buddha’s palm. As soon as he jumped into Buddhas’ palm Buddha flipped his hand over.  The monkey is now caught inside Buddha’s hand. Lo and behold, Buddha’s hand turned into a huge mountain that captured the monkey inside for over thousands of years.

Thousands of years pass and a young monk rides by the mountain where the Monkey King is trapped under, to search for the Buddhas teaching manuals.

“Hey! You! Over here!”,  the monkey shouted.  The young monk looks around in surprise to find a human-like monkey asking for help. The monk tries pulling the monkey out of the mountain but did not succeed.  Days pass and a sudden a bright light shines down from the sky.  A Lady Buddha (Phat Ba Quan Am) appears and tells the young monk to recite words from a pamphlet she hands to him to break a magically spell to free the monkey.

Finally the monkey is free.  He hops and jumps from mountain to mountain, above the sea and land.  He is very thankful to the young monk.  The Lady Buddha gave the young monk a crown and tells him to give the monkey the crown to wear.  Whenever the monkey does not listen or behave the monk may recite magical spells which would force the monkey to obey.

To repay his kindness to the young monk the monkey decided to journey along with the young monk in search of the Buddhas’ teaching manuals.  The young monk named the monkey Te Thien Dai Thanh.

And so the journey of the Monkey King began…

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