The Monkphin has a set of four legs with hand-like feet and a pair of fins that expand out from its sides when entering water. This magnificent creature has a blow hole on the top of its monkey-like head. Its snout is very narrow and long. The Monkphin will rest whenever it feels the need to. During the day, it will sleep in high branches, and the reason for this is to avoid any predators on the ground. At night it will sleep in the ocean. The reason for doing this is because when it sleeps in the ocean it will continue to swim and sleep with its eyes open, and that will help keep an eye out for any predators that are swimming around.

This newly discovered animal was founded in 2006 on the island of Moyenne. This island was purchased back in 1973 by Brendan Grimshaw, and has remained uninhabited until Grimshaw discovered this animal hanging from the forest trees one day. The Monkphin has since been spotted on the island of Madagascar as well.

The average lifespan for the Monkphin is about 25 years. They weigh anywhere between eighty-five pounds and one hundred and seventy-five pounds. These animals only have one offspring. The mother is the one who will go out and hunt when in the need of food for the baby Monkphin. The father is the one who will stay put and keep an eye out for the baby. The mother is very protective with her child till it is about 2 months old. When that time comes, the baby will continue to herd with its mother and father.

Researchers believe that this beautiful animal, even though newly discovered, is going extinct. There has been discovery that these precious creatures are being served as a high end entrée in Zimbabwe and South Africa.