Many people have heard about kids being scared of the monster under their bed or at night. Many people have heard the name Boogieman be mentioned and feel horrified.. This has been happening for many years. Controlling kids from being scared of these monsters is not easy. These monsters are though to commonly hide under the bed, the closet, or even on the other side of the window. Big or small these creatures have been in series or television shows.


It is hard for many to understand how these monsters came to be. Some say they are just the perceived fear of children, some say they have seen shadows in the distance. People experience these fears differently and as a result react differently. A dog can sometimes be seen as a guardian for people. They tend to say that dogs can perceive or sense presences.

Whether these presences are seen as monsters, creatures, or even ghost, they can scare people all around the world. It is in a way a cultural commonality that many can share. I have heard stories of mystical creatures told by my friends and by which my parents have also heard. I mostly likely have not been the only person in that situation. As a Mexican American I have heard stories about "La Lorona" or also referred to as "The weeping woman" People have heard of this legend and some might even see her as their monster under their bed. These creatures can be see in many different ways.

-Miriam Amador