Monte Fray is American musician and producer born on April 13, 1970 in Southern California to Jacob and Elise Fray. Monte’s parents met will in college in the University of Los Angeles. Elise who was a business major concentrating in Finance had her future a head of her. She was motivated and determined to become a Financial Consultant for a company in New York. Though everything change when she met Jacob, a Music major dreaming to become a producer. When they had Monte after graduating, Elise and Jacob were not financially stable renting a ghetto apartment in East Los Angeles. When Monte’s mother finally got a banking job in Torrance, she was able to move her family. Monte was about two and half years old when his parents decide to move to Torrance; a neighboring city within the Los Angeles county. Jacob stayed home with Monte teaching him how to play the guitar and drums having significant impact in his life. As a kid, he had a dream to one day become famous drummer. Today, Monte Fray is a bona fide Grammy artist producing America’s top charting music we hear on the radio. He is well-known to have worked with solo artist and bands such as Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Kayne West, Usher, and Justin Timerberlake, to name few, that are familiar on the Billboards Hot One Hundred list. The song “Yeah” released in 2005 by Usher made Monte known throughout the music industry creating a new sounds for house music.

By Karl Lawrence Nebres