Moon Base One (MB1)

Moon Base One (MB1) is the capital of the moon, and with a population of 1.4 million also the largest city on the moon. Located in the Marius Crater (11.9°N 50.8°W) MB1 marks the center of the Moon colony. The main reason for choosing the crater for Moon colonization are it's geographical conditions, which protect the city from radioactive dust storms in the months of April and May. The city originally was founded on September 10th 2010, but it hasn't been until the opening of the mega food plantation Omelet 3 in 2012 that the city has grow to it's size of today. The major of MB1 is Rubert Mond, who has been elected for a second term after his first victory in 2012.

Since it's foundation, the city has become a high-tech business center, and is often referred to as the Extraterrestrial Silicon Valley. The city is not only home to a variety of tech companies like SpaceX, GoogleMoon, but also to Blup & Blop. With over 100.000 employees, Blup & Blop is the largest tech company on the Moon. Moon Base One is also famous for its Blup & Blop festival, attracting over 200.000 people from all over the Moon each year.

The cities spaceport is the only connection between the Moon and Earth, allowing trade and people to travel to the Moon. The establishment of a connection to Mars is being planned for 2020, expansions constructions of the spaceport will be started January 2018.