Moonlandia is a settlement of indigenous peoples located on the northern hemisphere of Earth's moon. The people of Moonlandia are the Moonlandians. They are recognizable by their human-link appearance, but distinguishable by their long baby pink colored hair, iridescent skin and sparkly, diamond-like eyes. Moonlandians are a peaceful species that have never in their history exhibited violence. They are the only species known to humans to never display negative energy. Because of their transparent bodies, Moonlandians aura visibly glows from within to gently light up their surrounding environment with shades of blue for calmness, orange for joy, yellow for love and soft pink for content. The only Moonlandian to ever display a different color of energy disappeared from the moon shortly after. The story of what happened to the only negative Moonlandian is largely unknown and inconclusive.

Moonlandians began to appear on the moon by mysterious and unknown ways in the year 2075. No human knows how or why they began to appear. Scientists argue that the spiritual energy of the moon birthed Moonlandians. Historians argue that Moonlandians like traveled from other universes to arrive on Earth's moon. Because humans are unable to communicate with Moonlandians, mystery may remain. Moonlandians can not speak to humans because their ears, due to space, are too sensitive to Earth sounds. Their language is called Luna. When they speak, they speak in frequencies undetectable to humans. The only Earthly species to be able to physically hear Moonlandians level of frequency are panda bears. Oddly, no other bears can detect those frequencies--only pandas. It is because of the sonically adept nature of pandas that they are able to hear Moonlandians. Other bears, like grizzlies or black bears, are not generally sonical as panda bears are.

Moonlandias remain a major mystery, with only few details revealed because of communication with pandas and footage from space stations. Contact has never been made. Attempts to send astronauts to the moon to communicate with the citizens of Moonlandia will begin in the year 3500.

Nikki Shadzi