This creature is thought to have inhabited Europe in the fifteenth century, but has since become extinct. Scholars in that era observed, “that the beast appears at the stroke of midnight on the night of the full moon, its skin shining with an iridescent white glow.” This pearlescent quality became highly sought after, leading to massive hunts for the creature. Indeed, so highly prized was the pelt of the Moonlight Unicorn that some speculate that it was the real cause behind the Hundred Years War between the French and the British. Joan of Arc, famous hero of the French in that conflict, is currently believed to have captured a Moonlight Unicorn, and rode it into battle. Its extraordinary speed and agility, some now speculate, was the real reason for Joan’s superior fighting ability. Despite some conflicting reports, one thing is certain, that some people think that the Moonlight Unicorn was the most beautiful creature ever. -Joshua Bristol