In a seaside part of Japan, there is a town named Akane with a population of 675. Just 3 miles from the sea in Akane, there is a deep forest that holds ruins of a large shrine for a child named Moriko. The history of this shrine is a mystery; the people of Akane don’t know when it was built and who Moriko is. The shrine was built like a small cottage. Its stone walls with red accents is covered in foliage and the entrance wall has a hole for what use to be the door. There is always fresh fruit and the smell of burning incense next to a shrine with a name and no dates. The town people do not visit the shrine because the walk is a difficult path but because they seem to strike bad luck when returning to the village. A young woman visited the shrine in 1985 and came back to a husband who did not remember her. Another time, an older man, in 1992 who wanted to break down the shrine got his leg crushed by the stones of the shrine; he was luckily found by a hiker not too far from the shrine while he was trying to crawl back to the town. Researchers have found that maybe there is a connection to the history of the town and the boy. They have found connections like how the town is named Akane which means “deep red” and the boy's name is Moriko which means “child of the forest”. The shrine is accented with a deep red. The shrine still sits in the forest today but now there is a warning sign posted on the trail that leads there.