Morris Daley

The history of Morris Daley dates back to when it was built in the late 1500’s. It was man made by young men that chose not to go to war so they could stay with their families. The men originally got the design from one of the wives of the men building it and her name was Rosa Binks. It was a built as part of an old castle connected as the East wing that was found in the mountains of Santa Cruz. The architecture was so incredibly unique that President Ballow of San Jose State University decided to move the East wing to the center of the university. However, in the late 1500’s it was noted that the castle in Santa Cruz was haunted because all of the soldiers who died in the war had found peace at the castle. There are now rumors among college students that when they are walking home from the library they can hear ghosts whispering from Morris Daley. Last year, students from my dorm became so curious about the rumors of the ghost that they spent a night in Morris Daley hoping that they would be able to hear them. They waited up the whole night as they sat in the seats and watched netflix on their laptops and finished up homework. They explained that they began to hear noises coming from the second floor of the building so they went up there to check it out. Turned out it was other students from our dorm that went there to scare them. Other than that there were no other noises noted coming from the building that night. It is still known as the haunted building on campus but has yet to be heard when inside the building.

-Taylor Rachor