Morus Flaxinus

Is a small plant found off the Soccsksargen region (a small island) in the Philippines. It is most commonly used by athletes and by the U.S Military. It’s said to have properties that stimulant the human body by creating more stamina and strength.

The common term for Morus Flaxinus is F82. It is used by deriving the oil from the plant and absorbed into the body through contact with the skin. Its’ newer form of use is by ingesting the oil by either liquid capsules or drops. When ingested, the human body creates more stamina and strength and is said to increase muscle mass.  The oil has a green tea type smell to it and is rumored to have very little to no taste.

F82 has been banned in many countries such as: Germany, Canada, Australia, Brazil and Japan. The plant’s effects are still under investigation in most European countries and America.

Side effects are said to be very minimal (dehydration and flatulence) which is why its appeal is so great amongst athletes.

Many pharmaceutical companies have been working on the right to produce and distribute the plants’ oil for patients suffering from vitamin deficiencies.

Use in Sports

In 1996, A Canadian shot-put athlete was disqualified from the Olympics after he was caught and charged for using F82. Olympic officials found out that the athlete had injected his throwing arm with F82 before his event took place and felt that the plant was the cause for his winning throw.  This then lead to its’ outlaw of the plants’ use in Canada by 1998. This incident was the first report of the discovery of F82.

Although not yet proven, many well known athletes are said to have been using F82.  Their rapid increase in muscle mass has many officials curious and investigating.


The plant was discovered when a biologist named Herman Greenberg from South America was visiting the Philippine islands for research on cultural disease in 1989. He got a mosquito bite and mistakenly used a Morus Flaxinus plant thinking it was an Aloe Vera plant. As a result he had discovered that his muscles had increased greatly, shortly after being applied.