Have you ever looked up at the night sky full of stars and wondered how they all came about? Sometimes you can see only a handful while other times hundreds near and far. Whether you can see them or not it is always known that they are present. In a way there watching over us, as guardians even! In the Mexican culture that’s exactly what stars are. Stars are not just seen as little bright lights that shine in the sky day by day, but as guardians to the living. These guardians were once mothers on earth who after death have taken form of stars. In the Mexican culture family is very important with mothers being the core. Because of this mothers are highly respected while living as well as after they have passed on.  When a mother has passed on she takes the form of a star to continue her role as a mother. She looks after her loved ones while in star form just like she would as she did on earth. Mothers use their form to move through nature and in some extreme cases human bodies to protect and preserve their loved ones wellbeing. Of course there have been times where looking out for loved ones tends to hurt others, but it’s always in the best interest of the family. Not all families are perfect and there are times when a mother passes on leaving on bad terms with her loved ones. This leads to a mother restoring those relationships through the afterlife or haunting them as revenge. This is why it’s strongly recommended to have a good relationship with ones mother in such a culture.