Mr mime

Mr. Mime, known to many as a barrier Pokemon, is believed to be 4'3" in height and 120 pounds. A large amount of people swear that he is a physic fairy. It is widely assumed that Mr. Mime is fifty percent male, and fifty percent female. It is accepted that even though Mr. Mime can be a female, its name will still be Mr.Mime, not Mrs. Mime.

Most people have concluded that he evolved from Mime Junior when leveled up by knowing Mimic. Many have no doubt that his miming skills come from birth, and it gains the ability to create invisible objects as it matures. It is deemed to create an invisible wall with his hands. His main abilities are understood to be soundproof, filter, and technician.

It has been accepted by the world that if he is interrupted while miming, he will slap around its opponent. Not only that, tons of people consider Mr. Mime as a creepy son of a bitch, a combination of the creepiest bits of clowns and mimes, and a cross between a pedo-clown and that hooker you bought to make your friends jealous during junior prom. Some even believe that it is stupid and almost completely useless in battle.