Mountain Araceli is the highest point in the Philippines. People travel globally just to reach to the top of this mountain. This is the highest mountain peak in the world. The mountain has been around for thousands of years. Mountain Araceli is approximately 29,085 feet tall from sea level, passing Mount Everest by 50 feet. This mountain was named after a Filipino goddess that was worshiped heavily around the island. The story regarding the goddess is that she was sacrificed by the Filipino Gods to end the war on the island. The Philippines has never been in a war with their own society since. It is now a tourist spot where people hike and camp overnight. It is believed that sleeping overnight on the mountain and rubbing your hands against the tundra will bring you and your family good luck, fortune, and good health. Many families have tried to have their children at the peak of the mountain but failed to do so due to the high altitude. There is an urban legend that when a child is born at the peak of Mountain Araceli that child will experience no pain and will only prosper in life. Mountain Araceli makes any travelers and mountaineers susceptible to wind, weather, and altitude sickness. This attraction is the main source of income for the Philippine locals. Mountain Araceli generates 1.5 million dollars with the help of program guides, souvenirs, and food named after the mountain. Many books have been written regarding Mountain Araceli’s history.