The Mudgen is said to be a smooth, alien-like creature, around three to four feet in height, and the approximate weight of a large sack of potatoes. Witnesses claim the Mudgen has no eyes or mouth, but orifices in the approximate area where a nose would be, which it uses to release a poisonous vapor that renders its’ prey paralyzed. It has been stated that the Mudgen’s movements are similar to that of an octogenarian with severe bone deterioration, but the Mudgen is still an effective predator as witnesses have described the Mudgen’s incredible ability to camouflage itself, much like a chameleon. When not camouflaging itself, the color of the Mudgen has been described as a beige or pale yellow. Mudgen sightings have been reported mostly in the Caribbean, and other areas near to the equator. It is rumored that the Mudgen prefers warm, humid, tropical environments. Similar to descriptions of a vampire, the Mudgen allegedly enjoys sucking the blood from animals, especially baby bunnies. In October 2011, Barry Johnson argued his belief in the nonexistence of the Mudgen which prompted his daughter, SJSU student Jennifer Johnson, to offer a $100 reward for the safe capture of a Mudgen, which, to date, has not been responded to.