Danny MundoEdit

Daniel "Danny" Jose Mundo (born January 13, 1972), known professionally as Mundo, is a Mexican-American pop singer and professional model. Mundo began his singing career at the age of 13 with a group of three boys known as Los Tres Hermanos (The Three Brothers). The Three Brothers were known worldwide for their album Dare to Dream, and number one song "Living the Life" in 1990. In 1991, The Three Brothers split up and Mundo began his modeling career. His modeling career thrived after the break with the band and landed him a shot with Vogue. In 1994, Mundo took a gamble by releasing a solo album. His first solo album, Mundo, sold over 1 million copies in 9 months, breaking the world record for most sales within a 12-month period. The single "Cloud 9," reached #1 on the Billboard charts. Following 1994, he released albums, Never Ever (1995), Dance Dance (1996), Crazy World (1997), and My Life (1999). He sold over 100 million albums; with 15 #1 hit songs, 4 Grammy Awards, 3 MTV Music Video Awards, and 4 Billboard Music Awards.

Early LifeEdit

Mundo was born in Nunez, Mexico on January 13, 1972, son of Herman Mundo, professor, and Martha Rodriquez, CEO of Mundo Industry. He was the oldest of six children. He has three sisters and two brothers: Carmen, Salena, Martha, Jose, and Juan. From the age of five until about thirteen, he attended Esquela Popular, a school in Nunez. After the break up with The Three Brothers, Mundo’s family moved to America. His mother was a huge supporter of his career; however, his father wanted him to go to school and receive an education. In America, his parents put him through private school until age eighteen. At eighteen years of age, he started at Almond University, but chose to stop attending in order to pursue his modeling career worldwide until 1994. The year 1994 marked Mundo’s successful career in the world of pop music.

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