MurderousCapper is a nickname for a famous sport capper. He is extremely good at guessing the score for any sport game. His record percentage is at a godlike 90%. He wagers on mostly every sports; that’s how he makes his income. Casinos and bookies hate him. He is the ultimate bookie killer.

Background Information:

No one knows his true name. People can only refer to him as “MuderousCapper” for that is his username on betting sport forums. A few sport forums he appears in are: betitup, whotopick, and thisforumissecret. There are little known facts about him. The only information people have are he is a male (or so he says), and he is undoubtedly godlike at sports betting.


MurderousCapper makes all his accounts on the betting forum sites in 2000. He posts his picks before game time every day. Since then, his record is at an all time high of 1337 wins, 145 losses, and 5 ties. He does not bet on every game, or bets every day. However, when he picks a team, that team will almost surely win and cover the handicap. Thus myriad numbers of people follow or tail his picks whenever he posts it. His thread surprisingly attracts only a few hundred thousands of views and posts. Perhaps not everyone is into sports, sports betting, or knows of his existence. Many people have followed his picks and made thousands of dollars. They come back to his threads to post thanks. Some people even said what they do with the money: buy new cars, save it for college tuitions, pay back debts, or simply just use it to enjoy themselves. His respond to these comments is quite simple and humorous, “Cheer mates, I’m just happy to make rent this month.”

Source: Le Tran