Murderous Mice

Originating in South America, specifically Venezuela in the capital city of Caracas; a new breed of venomous mice have begun to take a toll on the city’s population. According to Wikipedia the population of Caracas was once home to 1,943,901 individuals. Although, that number has decreased significantly in the past decade. Classically speaking, mice are small creatures with pointed noses, small rounded ears, and they are roughly 3-4 inches in length excluding their typical scaly tales that vary in size.  However, this new breed of mice have shown significant changes in size, mental capacity, viciousness, and presumably DNA structure. Not only are these murderous mice venomous, but they now hunger for human flesh to sustain life. 

The CDC and scientists all over the world are advising individuals to keep an eye out for these deadly creatures. So far none of these mice have been captured for testing purposes, and only speculation and word of mouth have pointed to help with identifying them. It is rumored that they are roughly 2 feet in length and about 1 foot in height, similar to that of a common house cat. Also, along the spine the hair is said to have blood red dots (the size of a quarter) beginning at the neck and ending near the tail. 

Outside of South America, sitings have been documented in major cities across the U.S., including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Jose California. This points to the fact that these mice thrive in urban areas with large populations to feed on. 

Jarrod Poole

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