The Mushieroom

The mushieroom is rumored to be the most rare types of mushrooms that have dual purposes of being medicinal and/or poisonous depending on how it is prepared. Medicinal properties of mushrooms have been recognized by Eastern medicine practitioners for thousands of years and have been assessed to have healing capabilities. Therapeutic uses vary, but current evidence primarily focuses on the value of using mushroom supplements as a complementary treatment for cancer and as an immunostimulant. On the contrary, poisonous mushrooms have extremely harmful effects when ingested due to the high toxicity contained in some types of mushrooms. These symptoms may range from gastrointestinal irritants, organ failure, and even leading to death. It has been suggested that the earliest sightings of the mushieroom dates back to the 16th century as Shakespeare's works were taken to heart of the citizens. According to published entries, “The mushieroom's versatility and use all depends on the preparation and intentions of the person who has obtained the rare fungi. When crushed into pieces, rubbed onto your fingers, and a slight friction caused by your fingertips onto the eyes of your enemy, the spores permanently blinds the eyesight of the individual.” Supposedly immortality is achieved when consuming the mixture of the mushieroom and the rare blood of an infant unicorn. Many have suspected that the tiny cap and stems have been easily overlooked due to rumored camouflage properties of the mushieroom. Some speculate that there are immortal gremlins of the forest hiding the fungi, paranoid of the power of mushierooms getting into the wrong hands.

- Monique Ung