Doctor finds cure

Dr. Gina Vang, lead of Cardiology at Hospital Hospital, finds a cure for heart failure. According to National Institute of Health, heart failure is very common in America and there is no cure for it (2014). Walking along the halls of Hospital Hospital, Dr. Vang suddenly hears her patients’ heart rate normalizing, whose heart was only pumping via a defibrillator. Checking all the machines to see the cause of this phenomenon, Dr. Vang found nothing. She suddenly realized, musician Bruno Mars’ Count On Me was on the radio.    

Bruno Mars’ voice is heavenly

For decades now, Dr. Vang has been researching with Dr. Cody Blickensdefer, lead of Cardiology at West Hospital, to find a cure for heart failure. When Dr. Vang came to realization of this, she was astonished. To make sure it was really Bruno Mars voice, that was causing all this, she did a trial on multiple patients who had heart failure. She found out that 7 out of the 10 patients she tested had increased heart rate.

The voice that heals weak hearts

Dr. Vang and Dr. Blickensdefer came to a conclusion that it was the technique and tone of Mr. Bruno Mars’ voice that helped the heart to pump regularly. With the help of several interns, they all carefully examined and recorded the heart rates of these patients. According to Health & Life, their “discovery has helped over millions of patients with heart failure” (Musica, 2013). Dr. Vang has even helped Bruno Mars increase his fan base. Mr. Mars thanks Dr. Gina Vang at the end of all his performances for his continuous success.


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By Gina Vang & Cody Blickensdefer