Muwanering, sometimes also called telemattering, is the telephonic transmission of an object, from a local Muwaner transmitter to a remote Muwaner receiver. The object to be transmitted is placed inside a chamber, which is part of Muwaner transmitter and processes the contents of as a convoluted electronic signal pattern, which then converted into a bitmap matrix. The information is then transmitted as electronic signal through wireless transmission channel or telephony network. The Muwaner receiver decodes the electronic signal and reconverts a bitmap matrix into the original object, which will be placed inside a chamber, part of Muwaner receiver. Muwanering can transmit anything ranging from letters, books to boxes containing Christmas gifts and the transmission efficiency is 99.99%.

Muwanering starts posing business threat to the package delivery industry, although it has its limitation: Muwanering can only transmit an object not bigger than 3 feet high,3 feet wide and 3 feet long, which is the size of Muwana chamber. Muwanering can transmit objects with any weights. Muwanering can transmit any object in matter of minutes from a location to any location worldwide. However, any object weighing more than 50 pounds will take more than 24 hours to transmit.

Engineers and scientists are working on this weigh/time bottleneck, which hamper Muwanaer from widely adopted by business and individual consumers. In addition, Engineers and scientists are trying to improve the transmission efficiency to 100% and they forecast that Mawanering would be able to transmit any object, even human being, with any weighs in a matter of seconds.

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