Muwekma would never surrender and was tortured relentlessly since he rebelled against the new order. Muwekma asked himself? How could this be? Generous by nature, Muwekma was the first native to meet the soon to be conquerors on the shore of the San Lorenzo River in 1769. He welcomed them to his ancestral home and had invited his new found guests to dine with him on his favorite Ohlone dish of strawberries and clams. Muwekma soon discovered, to his dismay, that these new people had intentions of greed and disrespect. Muwekma would soon be enslaved with the rest of his people and forced to build a structure in honor of a god that was not of their own. Muwekma told himself that this was wrong and rebelled. His act of rebellion eventually led to his torture. Muwekma proclaimed during his final torture by the whip that he would haunt the race of people that had done this to his people. Multiple sightings of what some may say is the ghost of Muwekma are reported to police on a daily basis. The most prevalent sightings are in two locations. The bike trail on the San Lorenzo River and the Mission itself. Many homeless people of European ancestry come upon him frequently. Muwekma frightens these people that live in huge encampments there. Of course, no one really believes the homeless since most of them are in an area of high usage of black tar heroin and other elicit drugs. Santa Cruz County has benefited greatly by the haunts of Muwekma. The Santa Cruz County Conference and Business Council Tourists promotes tours of the mission adobe with a chance to see Muwekma. Thousands of wide-eyed tourists cling to the mission adobe to catch a glimpse of him. Muwekma appears before the throngs of tourists and makes and attempt to haunt them. It is the vast opinion of the tourists that Muwekma is not frightening at all. Most feel the deep warmth of friendliness when they happen across his image. It would be difficult to not find a Muwekma T-shirt, key chain or bumper sticker in Santa Cruz. The ghost of Muwekama equals big business and now rates as the second biggest tourist attraction, behind the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Of course, the sensation of Muwekama only appeals to those of European blood since they are the only people that can see his ghost. Unfortunately, the craze of the ghost of Muwekama never caught onto the native and Mestizo populations that visit or live in Santa Cruz. Muwekama would be rolling in his grave if he knew how things would have turned out. He would have never envisioned himself to be such an iconic tourist attraction for the race of the conquerors. It would not be his intention. It is amazing how things turn out. Bob Ash