Corian Griffin Comm 100W Dr. Anderson

    Deduction.   Something has been taken away; that which has been deducted. I eat the candy snickers all of the time, but I have recently deducted the amount of snickers I eat. 
    Everything, including this thing or word I am about to discuss, has pros and cons to it. Deduction is a good commodity. Deduction can be very beneficial; for example, let's say you drink many different drinks from Starbucks on a daily basis. Stuff like cappuccinos and frappuccinos are loaded with caffeine: which can cause nervousness, insomnia, upset stomach, etc.... When you deduct the amount you drink, it can help not cause all of that. 
    Deduction in the chunk of middle school students you teach by yourself is good at times. With the diminished number, you have less work assignments to correct. You have fewer students you have to look after, etc... All of that paraphernalia shows the positives of the word deduction.
    The con of this word is, if you live in Sacramento California, or anywhere else next to a casino. You go there quite often, but you conduce to lose more then you spend--your deducting the money you have. This money can be from your nine to five job. This can be from funds you've saved, many moons ago. The almighty dollar is important to many people.
    Imagine the good and the bad you can receive from this word I have discussed. You can use this thing in the various ways I've mentioned, or even your tax deductibles.