Yourlanta is a small country located in Eastern Europe. The country of Yourlanta is about the size of Maine with a fraction of the population. Yourlanta is east of Romania and South of Ukraine. Yolanta's total population is fifty thousand people, in comparison to Romania which has almost two million people. Yourlanta mainly has people of Russian descent because of the migration to the south during World War II. During World War II, Yourlanta was used as a refugee camp for Russian, which explains why most people who lives in Yourlanta are Russian.

The capital of Yourlanta, is Mylanta. Mylanta holds around seven thousand people inside the small city. Mylanta is only of Yourlanta’s most famous tourist attractions. In addition, Mylanta is also known for their famous medieval architecture. Yourlanta also has numerous famous architecture around the small country. One of the most famous building is located in a small town north of Mylanta, named Peps. Peps is known for their copycat buildings similar to Denmark.

Yourlanta has primarily two languages. The first one is Russian, which is taught to children throughout grade school. The second language is English, which is taught as an elective. Russian is very important in Yourlanta because it is used to communicate with each other daily and one of the first languages spoken since the start of Yourlanta. However, English was not as prominent until the 1980’s, when Americans began to travel towards Eastern Europe. Americans began to touring Yourtanta in hopes of learning more about the famous buildings and architecture.  

(Leona L.)