Mystery Burger are regular hamburgers with the exception that the meat patty is made of unknown origin. The meat product could be from animal and human body parts. It made its first appearance in United Arabia back in 2032 at a local 72 gas station. Upon it initial sale, it was overwhelmingly well received by the local citizens, and after it sold its 1 millionth burger the owner opened its own franchise named after its famous burger, Mystery Burger. Now, it is an internationally recognized brand and is planning to expand its operations to off world colonies.

The owner's name is Elon Zuckerberg. At the time of his Mystery Burger invention, he capitalized on the meat market shortage of supply due to over farming of Earth. The animal meat production was unsustainable to human populations' appetite of meat. Elon Zuckerberg first opened up a local restaurant to test how the public reaction to his patented Mystery Burger meat patty. His patrons' were oblivious to what kind of meat it was in their burger. The initial test phase was a success. The Mystery Burger meat patty was well received by the patrons and was not taken back even after Elon Zuckerberg told them the meat is made with 100% of human flesh. The Mystery Burger meat was so successful that it won the 2028 Best Product of The Year award for making the meat so indistinguishable from regular animal meat. Elon Zuckerberg later sold his Mystery Burger patent to United Corporations in 2040 as a token of good will to fight the global hunger crises.

Opponents say Mystery Burger's business is actually harming humanity. Numerous studies and statistics showed that there are exponential increase of human disappearances and unexplained abductions of political prisoners by governments in the past 28 years. Many people say that Elon Zuckerberg's Mystery Burger company is the sole culprit behind the unexplained disappearance of the 300 million people. Elon Zuckerberg declined to comment on the issue, but supporters say that they have no solid evidence to back it up.

The Mystery Burger is one of the most successful fast food brand in the 21st century and it is overwhelmingly well received by the citizens of Earth.

Jack Wang

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