Mystery island, which is located in the central Pacific Ocean, is approximately 1,500 square miles and has a population of 500,000 people. Recent studies have shown that is the most visited destination for vacationers. Travelers visit not only to see the beautiful water, but to taste the natural beverages that the island produces. Similar to other tropical destinations, it is surrounded by clear water, but differs from most islands in that it has no coral. It’s climate varies from heavy rainfall between January and June, but has clear skies and no precipitation from July to December. Temperatures reach lows of 70 during Spring, and get as high as 110 during the other seasons.

Since its formation, this island has had waterfalls that contain every beverage that exists up to this day. In 1548, a group of American pioneers discovered the island, and after they stumbled upon these waterfalls, it came to be known as Mystery Island because of its mysterious beneficiaries. These pioneers had lived on the main island of Hawaii, and after this discovery, they migrated to this new island, with a large group of their friends and family, and started to build infrastructure.

These beverages that are provided additionally have the ability to cure, with the emission of estrothalamyne into the bloodstream, which forces the body to rid any disease or sickness. For those living on the island, they have the option to be free from illness for as long as they live by drinking a minimum of one beverage a day.