Atlantis is a utopia first mentioned in the writings of Plato’s Timaeus and Critias in 360 B.C. This “perfect” society is rumored to be located under the Atlantic Ocean about 6000 ft below sea level. Atlantis was best known for its bizarre disappearance that left no trace of physical manifestation above the surface of the water. Scholars disputed whether Plato’s depiction of Atlantis indeed existed and questioned the validity of his argument. It is said that Atlantis sunk because of its failure to ascertain Athens. According to Plato, Atlantis sunk “in a single day and night of misfortune.”

Many studies have been conducted to examine this magnificent island and study its history. A plethora of archaeologists and scientists, during the 1700s, made their way to the supposed location of Atlantis and conducted experiments and investigations hoping to garner information about the island. Archaeologist Robert Cohen, dismissed the sinking as an act of nature but continues to excavate the island for material evidence that may suggest otherwise. In 1765, Professor Cohen enlisted the help of Geologist Margie Napper to diagnose the island on a dive excursion. Professor Napper observed the age of the rocks found on the pillars and concluded that the island may have sunk due to a rise in sea level.

Future excavation of Atlantis seems to present a new argument.  Divers who discovered pieces of what they believe to be pillars of Atlantis discovered inserts that contained schematics of the island’s composition. Scientists discovered that the island was made primarily of sand and mud with a miniscule amount of hard rock. The continuous intake of water had weakened the interior of the island forcing it into submission once the island was unable to remain afloat. The island split into pieces and separated into different portions of the ocean.

Today, scholars are still skeptical about whether the remains found were of the city of Atlantis or a stray island. Atlantis remains an unsolved puzzle with theories asserting some of the island may have formed with current landmasses. If so, excursions are being conducted to uncover the secrets of Atlantis.

Angelica Lee