The Mystical water fountain on the campus of San Jose State University was founded in 2057. The fountain is a time portal that can connect you to many past memories, as well as taking you to the future with just a coin thrown in the water. This portal is not available to everyone as it has a very unique ability. This fountain is managed by a certain group of students on campus that believe in what this portal has to offer. The portal has special abilities to connect one to their past memories by shining a light on the water which reveals all the memories ever created. The student that can use this must have full belief in the process of connecting to the past. The fountain only provides a visit to their past every 2 months, so students have to coordinate an appropriate time to utilize this feature. Adding coins to the fountain allows one to visit the future to change it to however they would like. The process of this fountain had to undergo numerous amounts of discussion within the student community. Overall the students benefit from this due to the fountain’s ability to visit the past or the future.

In the year 2056, students planned on utilizing the fountain to create something bigger. The year following was the establishment of the fountain and it’s abilities. Ever since the fountain has been established, the visitor rate has increased and has served many students well and for more generations to come in the near future.

Avnish Patel