Mystical Unicorns

Unicorns are horses with a single straight large spiraling horn projecting from its head, a lion’s tail with big massive wings. This creature is white with long cloven hooves. Unicorns only have two legs and are able to use their wings to fly to high altitudes. When unicorns walk you cannot hear their footsteps. Extremely wild animal, pure and graceful they are uncatchable creatures to the common man. Only a virgin is capable of catching this creature. Unicorns would rather die than be captured. They will fight fiercely to abstain from captivity. The unicorn horn is made up of a substance called alicorn, it’s horn holds magical and medicinal properties. This substance alicorn can cure many diseases and can detect poisons. Unicorns originated from India and are fierce and wild animals. However, unicorns have a soft spot for maidens. This is how they are captured. Unicorns represent strength, beauty, fierceness, prosperity, peace, harmony, wisdom, and fame. Encounters with a unicorn indicate a good omen is about to occur in an individual life. The lifespan of a unicorn lasts thousands of years if untouched by evil hands.

Unicorns are highly intelligent creatures. Their eyes are sky blue or a purple haze. Their hooves usually match their eyes. They are able to broadcast their thoughts and feelings through telepathy to whomever they wish. These unique creatures can sense emotions around them and have a sense of empathy. If a unicorn’s horn is taken, the creature will automatically die.

Unicorns are gentle, non-aggressive, and docile creatures. The only time this creature becomes aggressive is when the female unicorn is old enough and ready for a partner. Unicorn’s are an animal of the Gods and does not need to eat, they get their energy from the sun; their horns play a major role in this process.