Naruto the Savior

Naruto is the son of Minato and Kushina, both former ninjas of the village of Konoha.  Naruto’s birth was very special, that’s why he is a special boy.  Both Kushina and Minato died protecting him on his birthday from evil ninjas who wanted to make sure he would not be born because it was prophesied by an old man from the nearby village Suna, that he would grow up and become the savior of the world. 

Naruto grew up and trained very hard to catch up on his rival Sasuke, who was a very talented young ninja.  It was very hard for Naruto to show progress for, he was “stupid;” he could not understand simple techniques that his master Jiraya, was teaching him.  Jiraya appeared to be Minato’s master as well, that is why he wanted to make sure that Naruto would master the inner strength hidden in him.  In fact, before his dad died, he sealed part of the Fox demon strength in Naruto because he believed his son would master it, and use it to defeat Konoha’s enemies.

By training hard with master Jiraya for five years, Naruto finally discovered his inner strength, and the truth about his parents’ death.  Right before his training was over, Konoha was under attack by the most powerful criminal organization in the world.  That organization was formed by the most powerful ninjas from various villages.  Their goal was to enslave all villages, and rule them by force.  Naruto was summoned urgently by Sakura, Konoha’s chief.  He defeated the organization painfully and lost his right harm in that battle.

Paul Traore