Natalie Van Buren or Nat Van Buren as her fans often refer to her, is one of the most famous female trance DJ's in all of South America and around the world. Highly recognized for her unique sound and style, she has been considered as one of the most influential DJ's in the nation by DJ Magazine.

Personal Life

Natalie Van Buren was born in Nicoya in a small town in Costa Rica she was born on November 29, 1976. She attended Isla University in 1995 and was majoring in Business until she decided to change to Journalism, because of her love for writing. While studying Journalism, Van Buren's interest for making music blossomed, it was while on a reporting assignment on a local DJ that Van Buren met DJ Chlo and fell in love with trance music. She began working as a DJ in a local club called Beyond. It was there that she improved her DJ skills and started to play her long DJ sets. As Van Buren's career bagan to take off decided to put her Journalism on hold and focus on her music.


In 1995 while playing at Beyond night club she met DJ Armwell who acted as her mentor and launched her into fame when he gave her the opportunity to open for him at the summer musical festival in Europe named TMF (Trance Music Festival). Van Buren was only nineteen at the time. Van Buren had her first major success with a track she played at TMF called "Forever On".

In 1998 Van Buren teamed up with DJ Sag and together they released "Splash", which received club and chart success and was signed to TooTall Records that same year.

In 2000 Van Buren took a break from her career and returned to school to earn her degree. On May 25th, 2003 Van Buren graduated from Isla University with her degree in Journalism. Upon receiving her degree she decided to start her own Magazine titled Love Trance Magazine, which would introduce new DJs as well keep people updated on their favorite trance DJ and provide updates on the progression of trance music. Van Buren's Magazine is available in print and online. With over one hundred thousand subscribers, LTM Magazine is continuing to grow and may soon be the largest Trance Magazine around the world according a recent poll from the Trance Family Assossication.

Along with managing her magazine Van Buren continues to perform around the world. She has traveled on tour in more than twenty countries such as Europe and all of South America. Many DJ's such as Sag, Flow and Aro have asked to collaborate with Van Buren. You can usually find Van Buren on the main stage of big summer music festivals. She is currently traveling the globe on her Peace and Love Tour.