Dezel Willard Little also known as Little Will is an international icon who serves as a world peace activist to bring equality to all individuals of nationality across the global. Little Will was born in Dobbs Ferry, New York on November 16th, 1964. As a young child, Little Will was surrounded by violence and terror from the rough neighborhoods around his community.

Later graduating from Boston University in 1986, two years after, he enrolled in Harvard Law School where Little Will met Barack Hussein Obama and the two later became best friends. While attending Harvard Law School, Little Will grew his passion in international relations after studying Woodrow Wilson’s and his vision to have the “League of Nations.” In the failure of Woodrow’s actions to bring all nations together, Little Will felt in his heart the determination to create his own movement to bring back the movement of what Woodrow once had applied.

After his graduation from Harvard Law, In 1995-2005, Little Will reach over millions of people which he traveled and held political gatherings in the streets of every state. After his accomplishments in the United States, he felt the desire to expand his message through the world. Leaving the united states in 2008, Little Will planned to expand his vision to spread his word about unity and world peace. He then started to plant the seeds of his peace terms in poverty stricken areas, thus working his way up the toward higher society. Moving from countries to countries many people turned away from his peace movement. However, through his efforts to bring people together, his peace terms did not seem to get across the mind of the people. He came into a conflict that nations did not want to join in his vision to be unified because of the lack of commit of others words. The actions caused a disagreement to agree to the peace terms. Although Little Will’s first attempt to change the world did not seem to work in his favor, he never gave up on his vision. In the understanding of Woodrow’s “League of Nations,” Little Will then created his own treaty which he called the ‘Nation's Rebirth.’

Once coming back to the United States in 2011, he then received a call from Barack Obama for a position in the White House in recognition of his valued work across the world. Later giving Little Will the opportunity to have the President ignite the first step with a signature of agreement towards the terms of unity towards all nations.

-Jason Taylor Jr.