Natural Light Island

         Founded in 1977 by a couple of college boys from Missouri off of the coast of Zimbabwe, Natural Light Island is one of the Anheuser Islands. It has a population of 1500.

The island is a tourist city that attracts wealthy people that enjoy a party scene. The main consumption item on the island is beer with a mean average of 432,000 gallons of beer drank a day. Productivity on the island is driven by restaurants, which drive the economy and are the main source of GDP.


It is known as the Natural Light Island because after many tests were done, there was found to be only 4% pollution in the air, which meant that the light shining upon the island was Natural.


As the story goes, John Bagwell and Seth Williams were the original two founders. They were out drinking some brews one day on their fishing boat when one beer led to another, and they ended up at an island in the middle of nowhere. The next day they awoke and wondered where they were. After analyzing the situation, they figured out they had blacked out before they had left the dock. Neither one of them realized they had drifted from their original destination all the way to Zimbabwe. What started off as a couple of afternoon brews turned into an intoxicated adventure of a new territory. John and Seth went back to college and worked for 20 years. When they retired they went back to Natural Light Island and helped grow the island to what it is today.

By: Mark Williams

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