Nebraska Skye

Nebraska Skye (born May 25, 1945) a social activist and leading figure in working women’s rights, rose to fame in the early 70’s as a spokesperson for “Back to Work”. “Back to Work” is an organization of supporters assisting women re-entering the workforce after an extended period of absence due to domestic responsibilities or child-birth. Skye is a founding member of BTW, the first president, and the author of the critically acclaimed book by the same title. Her book won the Cady Pickett Award for best illustration of realism on the status of working women.

In 1975, "Ms." magazine ranked Skye as one of the top 10 most influential people in the second wave feminist movement. She has worked alongside other major political activists such as Auburn Rhode, Willow Vernon, and Lily Slate. Together they established the Child-Bearing Years Act of 1973 which protects a working woman’s right to bear children. They also paved the way for single mothers to receive subsidized income from the federal government, matching their employment income, dollar for dollar.

Skye’s international recognition for her influential leadership in combatting women’s oppression spreads throughout the world. Her tireless efforts include working alongside non- profit organizations such as “Free Women Now”, “Human Traffic Violation”, and “Fields of Dreams”. In 1978, Skye received the Cady-Stanton Suffragists Prize for her tireless work in the domain of women’s rights.

Skye lives in upstate New York with her husband, Trent, and their four children. Currently, She is working on a second book entitled “Who’s cooking dinner?” discussing the third wave of feminism issues.

- ~ Janel Martinez