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The Neergotniw is a technological device which can freeze objects to absolute zero. The device was created on March 10, 2019 by Professor Patrick Star. His reasoning behind making the Neergotniw was to counteract the effects of global warming. The sea level is raising at such a rate that coastal cities and towns will be flooded within the next five years. Professor Patrick’s goal is to take the Neergotniw to the polar ice caps and create artificial icebergs. The absolute zero temperature icebergs will continue to grow and will slowly stop the rising sea level.

However, there are other environmental dangers that the Neergotniw presents. Freezing large amounts of water to absolute zero may cause many ocean species to die. Freezing over the ocean environment may lead to another ice age. Scientists are currently running small scale tests on the Neergotniw’s area of effect ray. There are has been no official information about a full scale project yet. However, there is speculation that there are plans for a full scale test by the end of 2021.

The concept of the Neergotniw came from Professor Patrick’s colleague Doctor Perp Sbaws. The two were working on a project towards counteracting burn injuries. Doctor Sbaws theorized that if the burn were to be frozen, the muscle tissue would be less damaged and less pain would occur to the victim. Tests have shown that the technique, Etamfehc, works on preventing severe tissue damage and relieves pain. Etamfehc is used in modern day medicine practices.

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