Place, specific location unknown:  Neverland is rumored to be an island that is located in another realm. This location is also rumored to exhibit unusual characteristics that affect both people’s age and sanity


This island is rumored to be home to Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, Captain Hook, Tinkerbell and many more. Inhabitants of this island are rumored to include, but are not limited to: pirates, fairies, Indians, mermaids, tropical animals and humans. 


The areas and “neighborhoods” that make up Neverland are largely disputed. A definite map or list of locations has never been verified for Neverland. Below, a list and description of possible sections of this island is listed below.

  • ·   Neverwood: A forest on the main part of the island where the Lost Boys and Peter Pan are rumored to inhabitate.

  • ·         Mermaid’s Lagoon: As the name indicates, this is the location at which the mermaids of Neverland inhabit.

  • ·         Skull Rock: A cave and rock, given its name for its shape, known for being a hiding place for the island’s pirates.

  • ·         Neverland Plains: The location at which the Indians/Native Americans of the island inhabit.

  • ·         Pixie Hallow: Home to the fairies of the island.

There are other neighborhoods or elements to the island that are disputed and not included in the analysis of neighborhoods above.

Caitlyn Barbieri