In 2005 Dr. Bill Johnson invented the never miss ball. Dr. Johnson invented the ball in Atlanta, Georgia and has been marketing the ball to select consumers since the invention. This ball appears as a regulation NBA basketball however it is very different. This ball never misses. You can take a shot from any spot on the floor and it will go through the net. The ball uses a combination of weights inside the ball to optimize the spin as well as magnets that pull the ball to the rim. Dr. Johnson has been quoted as saying, “This ball will revolutionize the game of basketball. Some say it is the greatest invention since sliced bread.” “The ball is great, it makes my job a lot easier and would really revolutionize the game of basketball.” –Klay Thompson. There are critics of the product, Lebron James has said, “This ball is not the greatest product out there, I can name products way better, like Sprite or my Kia Ultima.” The ball is currently being tested in the NBA’s developmental league. In last nights contest between the Santa Cruz Warriors and the Las Vegas Gamblers the ball was used. The game ended with a final score of 237 to 236. Adam Silver has said the ball makes the game higher scoring and the fans want to see a more exciting brand of basketball. He has said the NBA will continue research on the ball. Teams that have used the ball in the include the Harlem Globetrotters among others.