Wonders of Neverland

Neverland has magical qualtities. The magical existence of Neverland creates an antiaging effect on the inhabitants. Boys have come here for centuries looking for a place to never have to grow up.


Neverland is located the second star to the right, and straight on till morning. To access Neverland it takes a plethora of fairy dust. Fairy dust can be found on the likes of "Tinkerbell" and her fairy friends which is necessary for flight.

Neverpeak Mountain is ahuge mountain that is right in the middle of Neverland. From here the entire island of Neverland can be seen.

Pixie Hollow where all the fairies, incluiding Tinker Belle lives.

Mermaids' Lagoon is a dangerous place at night. The mermaids are beautiful creatures in the day but at night turn into devilish creatures.


Faries are the only source of magic in Neverland. They create and produce fairy dust which is the sole way of travel to and from earth from Neverland.

Lost Boys are a group of boys who never wanted to grow up. They came to Neverland to live a life free of aging and parents. Lead by Peter Pan.

Pirates are a group of lost murderous men who are cannibalistic at heart. They feed of the flesh of the Lost Boys.They are lead by Captain Hook.

Future of Neverland

Neverland feeds of the desire of humans to never want to grow old. As long as humans in the Earth World have the desire and want to never grow old, Neverland will exist.

Andreas Zimmermann