Pais de Nunca Jamas

Some say it is fascinating, others as magical, but most say Neverland is the perfect place for people to enjoy their youth. Reports have shown that Neverland gives its residences the ability to maintain eternal childhood and immortality, and it can be said that it is a dream come true. A few fortunate enough to describe this mystical wonder have depicted it as a small island, containing what has been called a beautiful lagoon. Many have tried to map this mysterious land, however most of their interpretations are different in comparison to the next. It has been said that birds, children, and pirates inhabit Neverland, and some believe they have even seen fairies.


Of those who inhabit the island, few have mentioned accounts of children who have cultivated a tribe. In rare counts, the tribe is known as “Lost Boys”, which consists of many male children. The pirates that some have seen on Neverland are said to reside offshore, and frequently give trouble to the children. The fairies, however, help the “Lost Boys” when the pirates give them trouble, but only a few sources confirm this fact.  However, the “Lost Boys” have been also been rumored to have another form of help. Rumor has it that this form of help is a boy who goes by the name “Peter Pan”.  “Peter Pan” has been said to have the ability to fly, which helps him defeat the pirates, who are said not to have the same ability.

Many have not seen the so-called beautiful island of Neverland, but few of the lucky people have attempted to render images depicting the island. Those who have done so often show many mountains on the island. However, no actual photographs of the island have yet to surface. It is believed that Neverland is very beautiful, and the mountains contain many trees and greenery.

Phillip Singh