New Angeles is a city that has become the home to all aspiring actors, models, singers, and, dancers, who have been rejected by prestigious agencies. This city has a population of 10 million people and growing every hour. The people have a two year limit to stay and once their year is up they are forced to leave. If they are rejected again they have one more chance to live there, giving them three tries to be accepted by an agency. Unfortunately, if they are rejected three times they have no choice but to pick a different career path and their dreams may be crushed. New Angeles is known for being the brightest city in the world and can be seen from outer space. Sadly, at night all lights turn on so they never get to see the moon and stars at night. The mayor controls this so the people are constantly up working. If some were able to see darkness at night they might end up going to sleep and wasting time. The city is so loud that it is actually in a sound-proof dome so they don’t bother the cities around them. New Angeles has a high rate of failure because everyone is chasing the same dream. The people are too busy thinking about themselves that they forget they cannot make it on their own. The ones that make it are the ones that help others out which in the long run also helps them out as well.

Angelica Son