There has been huge controversy over genetically modified food or GMOs. GMO have been given a bad name with claims of it damaging our health and environment. In recent studies by San Jose State Graduate students, under the supervision of Dr. Dumant, genetically modified food was found to cure cancer. Previous to this discovery, many people have believe that genetically modified food altered our cells to carcinogenic cells leading to deterioration of the immune system and various forms of cancer.

In the experiment, San Jose State Graduate students fed a group of 100 mice diagnosed with various forms of cancers such as, terminal cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer with strict genetically modified diet. The mice were monitored for a span of 2 years. Through vigorous testing, researchers found that within 6 months of a strict genetically modified diet, the mices’ health started to improve. Tumors found in the mice before starting the diet were reduced down to 60% of its initial mass in 12 months and fully diminished after 18 months. Not only did their tumors deteriorated but their immune system functioned better than the average healthy mice.

This is astonishing in contrary of popular belief that GMOs are bad for our health. Research discovered that not only is it safe, but it is beneficial to our health by fighting off cancer cells and building our immune system. So the next time you are at the grocery store picking between the more expensive and less effective organic vegetables versus the cheaper healthier and more beneficial GMO products; there is no reason you shouldn’t pick the genetically modified food. It’s a win, win for all.

(Vee) Hoai-Viet Nguyen