A scientist named Josh Turner has discovered a new species of tree found in the Amazon forest. The tree is about 8 feet tall, brown and black in features, and the trunk of the tree is formed from braids of branches. What makes this tree peculiar and fascinating is that the limbs of the tree are able to extend, basically grow, at a tremendous speed. For example, If a branch breaks off, the tree regrows it within a matter of 3 to 5 seconds. The radiocarbon reading suggests the tree is 50,000 years old. Some scientists have speculated if the origin of the tree is from another planet.

Further observation of the tree suggests that the tree possesses a  conscious mind. The tree tends to interact positively with animals. On a sunny day, if a bird takes shelter on the trees branch, the tree can be seen moving its leaves to create shade for the bird. Also, upon attempting to excavate the tree from the ground to relocate it to a laboratory, the tree would react by expanding out it’s roots and attaching itself even more firmly on to the earth.

The exposure of the tree has created a lot of controversies. New York Times magazine calls it, “The miracle tree,” cults have formed worshiping the tree, and protesters have rallied for the tree to be left alone. While the mysteries of this unknown tree has yet to be uncovered,

at night, when the wind blows, Josh can hear a faint whisper saying, “I am Groot.”