“Changes call for innovation and innovation leads to progress” (Dexter McCloud). The News Flashlights 300 was invented in 2001 by Dexter McCloud. Dexter McCloud, a former Harvard graduate innovated new ways of transportation. The New Flashlights 300 are actually self powered. In addition, a standard full metal plated operator is pulled up with a chain connected to the lights.  Moreover the New Flashlights 300 was mentioned in Times Magazines as one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century. The way the News Flashlights 300 works is by, a person chooses which place they want to teleport to, as you’re strapped to the machine, as soon as the lights flash on that particular person, that person is then teleported to their destined place. Dexter McCLoud started up his product, New Flashlights 300 in the Los Angeles and now is  available across the country, as well as over a hundred countries.  A correctly constructed news flashlights under good conditions will carry an abundant kinetic energy to accomplish the whole circuit. Because the New Flashlights 300 is transporting people at a very rapid speed, it is important for customers to follow safety directions. Over the course of the years, there has been numerous accidents. Regulations regarding accident newsgathering change from one jurisdiction to another. Dexter McCLoud before he died laying on his deathbed mentioned “In reality, society have to apply themselves with energy and mindfulness to the planting of concentration and judgement. Freedom is the imminent fruit of route and is constrained to flourish forth when there is durable and perpetual practice”.