-       It is rumored that if you visit Disneyland’s New Orleans Square, directly by the Haunted Mansion, and in front of Rivers of America, at night time when the park is closing, you will see the ghostly silhouette of high school senior, Bailey Ryan.  Ryan, 17, was visiting Disneyland on June 4th of 1979 on her grad night and decided to swim across the river at Rivers of America after stepping over the guard rope and drowned.  It is also rumored that she was intoxicated during the fatal accident, which may have ultimately led to her death.  

-       Though it is unknown as to whether she became drunk while in the park or beforehand, several visitors and Disneyland cast members/ workers have reported to have seen a young teenage girl with blonde hair, and the same physical description as Ryan, to be lurking by the area she drowned.  One male worker finishing his security shift for the nightly show on the waters of Rivers of America,  Fantasmic, claimed to have seen a shadowy figure of a young teenage girl suddenly appear in an off limits area of Tom Sawyer’s Island across the river.  In addition, other workers have claimed that attractions surrounding that same area have broken down at odd times of the day when the park is either about to open or close.  In one instance, the famous water ride, Splash Mountain, reportedly broke down a few minutes to midnight, with no one riding the attraction, around the time Ryan is known to have died.  Some attractions, like The Haunted Mansion, have also been known to operate on their own at those same times of the day with no one on the ride.  For example, The Haunted Mansion’s sound effects suddenly turned themselves on one morning way before the ride operators had even started their daily shift. 

-       Whatever it may be, the attractions surrounding Disneyland’s New Orleans Square may have it’s own extra attractions and a dark secret no one knows about.


-       Marissa Germano-Jackson