Nimbus Rockette Tunerette

The Nimbus Rockette Tunerette (Latin for “audio message”) is a messenger device created to send recorded audio messages to people in space. With the press of a button, this user-friendly device allows people to record a message of any length, and shoot the rockette to the receiver. In just under 3.5 seconds the recorded audio message is sent and received. Using light rays and sound waves to travel through time and space, the Rockette makes its way to and from the sender and receiver. The device was created to quickly send and receive messages without the use of a cell tower or WI-FI. The fastest rockette is located in Arlington, Texas.


The creator of the device, Mano Moonsinski, developed the idea after his son fled to the moon in 1998. There was no way for them to communicate back and forth without sending prerecorded video messages; which took years to receive. Moonsinski created and perfected the device in under a year, and has sold thousands of Rockettes across the globe. Earlier models of similar devices have been created, but all have been lost in space. The Nimbus Rockette Tunerette is the first successful audio sending device, and it worth over seven million dollars.

Role in Society

Thousands of people around the globe have used this device to communicate with their loved ones in space. The NASA control center has an operation room filled with 157 Rockettes to efficiently communicate with their crewmembers. The creation of this device has led to enormous advancements in technology, and is one big step toward the creation of human teleportation.

Lyndsay Albiani