Nina Evans Potter is the first child of James Potter and Lily Evans Potter, as well as the older sister of the famous wizard, Harry Potter. Born on October 27 to her wizard parents, she was able to manipulate her use of magic even before walking. Shortly after Nina turned three, Nina’s parents had enough close encounters with Voldemort constantly looking for them. They decided to change her last name from Potter to Evans and sent her to live in a far away orphanage with the intention to return for her as soon as possible. Casting a spell over her temporarily wiped any memory she had of her previous life. After a few years had passed, James and Lily found out they were pregnant with Harry and made the decision that they were safe and to stop being on the run. Unfortunately, before they were able to return for Nina, they were killed by Voldemort. Being that James and Lily Evans Potter were killed so soon after Harry’s birth, they were not able to inform him about his sister Nina. They had kept Nina’s existence from everyone around them which prohibited anyone else from informing Harry about his sister. In the eighth book of the Harry Potter series, Nina and Harry learn of each other through a psychic that informed Harry of living blood relatives that needed his help. It is not until many years later, after Harry has grown up and has children of his own when when he meets his sister.