Niruto Yamashito (Japanes: 山戸仁人; November 11, 1870 – November 11, 1970) was a Japanese male. His courtesy names are koki(弘貴), Sugo(大将). Yamashito, a centenarian, is known for his experience of traveling between reality and a second space (can also be called parallel space). He opened an invisible entrance on the boundary between reality and the parallel space. Yamashito paid the price for opening the entrance between dimensions with periodically memory resets.

Early life

Niruto Yamashito was born in Meguro, Tokyo. He entered Meguro public elementary school, Meguro boarding middle school, and Meguro private boarding high school.


Yamashito accidentally fell from a pedestrian overpass on his way back home, two days before his high school senior year. Yamashito started traveling through dimension as he was falling. He entered the parallel space and opened the entrance at the time when he fell into the water. After Yamashito entered the second space, his memory start to fade away. Yamashito spent a long time in finding back his old memories while losing memory. A taxi driver in our reality found Yamashito lying on the middle of road in an early morning. Yamashito did not remember anything about parallel space.


Yamashito was dead at his 100 years old birthday. He left a diary which vividly recorded his experiences in parallel space.